43. annual conference of GI
Workshop on Network-based anomaly detection (NAD)

September 16, 2013, Koblenz, Germany

NAD appeals for submissions of high-quality, original scientific or applied papers addressing research on intrusion detection at network layer, especially detection of anomalies at ISP nodes or in insitutional networks. Submissions of two types are invited:

  1. Scientific papers dealing with novel research results, including work in progress or new concepts.
  2. Applied papers, presenting experiences of network operators or providers of security appliances.

NAD solicits submission of papers dealing with the following topics:

  • Machine learning algorithms in anomaly detection
  • Modeling network behaviour
  • Detection of botnet C&C traffic
  • Automated information exchange across network borders
  • Early warning systems
  • Outcome correlation
  • Privacy aspects of network-based anomaly detection
  • Operational experiences of network operators
  • Network forensics
  • Business models of the underground economy
  • Anomaly detection using commodity hardware, especially GPUs

This Workshop is held in cooperation with the GI special interest group SIDAR.